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Life Design course(ex-Product Design course)

Our daily life is supported by various products, and all the forms created by humans can be called "product design". We strive to listen to the voices of the hearts, create what we seek for the future with the human-centered approach and coexist with nature. In this course, we foster the human resoruces who aim for being a master of one field, gain the technical skill and work ready for the professional job site. Students acquire the ability to observe, find problems, think, create, express and transmit. And we expect them to give people joy and thrill, and contribute to society.

4-year curriculum

1st-Year Students learn the fundamentals of 2D expression using PC graphic software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. They experience various materials at the studio and acquire the basic formative art ability. They discover who they are and divelop their individuality.
2nd-Year Students experience whole process to create a product from plot to presentation. Drawing rough sketch with paper and pencils, 3D modeling, and 2D CAD using computer enable them to acquire the ability to express.
3rd-Year Students experience on-site creating workshop and internship. They participate in the whole process of several projects on and off campus. They use the acquired abilities to their work and make their portfolio.
4th-Year Students are able to build the network of contacts on and off campus through the management of the project team. They make the portfolio with the explanation in Japanese and English and present their graduation works. Such challenges improve their ability to socialize and broaden their fields in both home and abroad.