Manga course

“Manga” has become a common language of the world nowadays. It is giant media widely loved across countries and generations. The Manga generation becomes core of people who support art. Some artworks adapt the expression of Manga, and some are Manga itself. Under this background, this course explores Manga as composite art. We invite Mr. Naoki Urasawa, Japan’s leading cartoonist, and Mr. Takashi Nagasaki, active Manga producer as the teaching staff. Instruction from basics to special technique of Manga is provided by experts. As we are art school, students are able to develop their depictive skills which are essential for the visual art expression. Even if you are excellent in drawing, you can not always be a cartoonist. So, we instruct you on how to conceive an idea for story and build it up. We aim for becoming a cartoonist as a story-teller, a commentator, an entertainer and a composite artist by learning both art and Manga.

4-year curriculum

1st-Year Students learn figure & still-life painting, 2D & 3D composition, computer & image expression as the fundamentals of expression required for Manga. They also experience stature & metal procession, and gain the various expression senses.
2nd-Year Students develop various basic ability, experience mixed media, illustrated book, plastic molding and producing website as well as professional ability of Manga. They acquire comprehensive creating ability with learning computer-generated picture processing and image layout technique.
3rd-Year Students create four-frame cartoon and story cartoon in small class size seminar. Instruction by the experts provides a broad knowledge of the historical background and social position of Manga. It also gives them a clue of deeper expression of art.
4th-Year In the first semester of seminar class, students have several presentations of their Manga artwork and held the exhibition on campus. In the second semester, students of each seminar classes work together with commenting one another to pursue for wide range of Manga expression and have the graduation work exhibition.

Career Options

Cartoonist, original writer of cartoon, cartoon editor, illustrator, animation producer, artist, media artist, character designer, graphic designer, editorial designer, picture book creator, bookstore owner, junior-high/high school teacher, university professor, curator, vocational school instructor, proceeding to graduate school

Introduction of classes

Basics of Manga (Inter Media) In a role-playing style class, students make concepts of their own original works. They pursue for their original expression, studying history of Manga and transition of expression. Practical classes are instructed by the specialists to foster students’ professionalism.
Basics of Manga (Special Practice) Class is conducted in workshop style, interacting with one another and using the works of Mr. Naoki Urasawa as the textbook. Students establish their own expression by instruction with making story by theory, creating character and world-view, and learning technical know-how of produce and effect.