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Media Design course

World is connected by the network now. Online media can be found everywhere around us and enrich our dailiy life. A large amount of information is constantly transferred to us by various media, so we can see new possibilities and new world through them. Now we feel it is normal that people are connected at any time. In the background, there is always digital design exsisting. Digital design expression also greatly related to movie, animation and game. Need for digital media designer is increasing in various fields.

4-year curriculum

1st-Year The first-year consists of introductory units of basic concept and techniques of graphic design and visual communication. It includes instruction of basic computer skills.
2nd-Year This year level covers programming, database, media characteristics and interface design. Practical work includes building website, and also 3DCG creation, editorial design and video & sound editing are approached.
3rd-Year Students experience a variety of practical works to transmit message and information visually, and also create dynamic information graphics, animation, web contents and scenarios.
4th-Year With expertise acquired for the past three years, the final year students challenge to create valuable design addressing social and business needs. Learning about the direction of design project and the analysis of the design purpose develop students’ overall skills in design process.