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Facilities in Aichi

We go to the city which loves creating, and absorb the artistic culture and tradition.

Based on the achievement of creating by our predecessors, Aichi-prefecture has been developing the industry of today. So there are many cultural facilities pass down the tradition and history including museums and galleries. We hold unique off-campus lectures and exhibitions taking advantage of these facilities.

Tokugawa Art Museum

Higashi-ku, Nagoya

This museum preserves the cultural property of Tokugawa-family including “Illustrated Tale of Genji”. Our students are free of admission and are able to use this museum for the fieldwork as well as a practical learning at museum.

Menard Art Museum

Komaki-city, Aichi

The core of the collection is modern and contemporary paintings both from domestic and abroad. Open lecture as well as off-campus lesson of our school is held continuously at this museum.

International Design Center

Naka-ku, Nagoya

This center is the hub of design in Nagoya. It is a large-scale and all-round design center. Department of Design of our school holds open lecture and exhibition here.

Museum of Meiji-Mura

Inuyama-city, Aichi


Boston Museum

Naka-ku, Nagoya


Noritake Museum

Nishi-ku, Nagoya


Toyota Municipal Museum of Art

Toyora-city, Aichi

This museum displays a number of modern and contemporary artworks collected both from domestic and abroad. Architecture itself is also well known as straight-line basis style. Our school event so-called “Transit”, international exchange exhibition, is held at this museum.

Nagoya City Art Museum

Naka-ku, Nagoya

This museum sets a great diversity of project exhibitions, and collects the artworks of the local artists especially from Ise Bay area. Our school uses this museum for the purpose of fieldwork.

Nagoya City Museum

Mizuho-ku, Nagoya

This museum is designated to display National Treasures and Cultural Asset of National Importance to the public. It is a historical museum that holds large-scale exhibitions. Our school uses this museum for the purpose of fieldworks and museum practical learning.

Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum

Seto-city, Aichi

This museum collects and preserves both historically and industrially invaluable materials and cultural assets related to ceramics. Our school utilizes this museum for the purpose of fieldworks and museum practical learning.

Aichi Arts Center

Higashi-ku, Nagoya

This facility is the hub of art and culture in Aichi, which consists of Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Aichi Prefectural Art Theater, Aichi Prefectural Arts Promotion Service, and Aichi Prefectural Library. Our school utilizes this center for the purpose of Graduate Exhibition as well as Open Lecture.

Inazawa City Oguiss Memorial Art Museum

Inazawa-city, Aichi

Takanori Ogisu is an oil-painter, born in Inazawa-city and famous for the paint of Paris. This museum displays his oil and watercolor paintings. His atelier in Paris is also restored in full-size. Our school uses this museum for the purpose of museum practical learning.




Ichinomiya City Memorial Art Museum of Setsuko Migishi

Ichinomiya-city, Aichi

This is a birthplace museum of Setsuko Migishi, an oil-painter. Her lifetime works are displayed. Its architecture is unique with re-creation of her atelier and Venetian waterway.