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Facilities in Zokei

Facilities supporting wisdom, spirit and physical condition backs up students’ campus life.

Campus is the place students spend most of the time in their school life and work figurative art. Various facilities stimulate students' curiosity and also help them to become more mature emotionally and physically. This environment enables students to work as they like, enjoy their comfortable school life and have their great creative energy.




The library is located right next to the entrance of Building C containing numerous collections. It includes 100,000 Japanese books, 23,000 foreign books, 2,100 periodicals and also 3,500 audiovisual materials such as videos, DVDs and CDs. We have special collections for painting, modern art, design and architecture published both in Japan and abroad, and are making an effort of acquisition of more of them. So commentary and magazine of painting books published in overseas are available in original language. As we are a university of art, we have many large sized painting books and other valuable artistic ones. Books are all arranged in open-shelf, so students are able to take a look as much books as they like in their hands. We put more emphasis on the reference service so that we can support the future artist and designer having a broad outlook. As well as browsing and lending service of books, our library also enables students to access the database of the universities and the libraries all around the world through the internet.
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D-Gallery/Space D


Two galleries are set up on campus. They open up to exhibit the artworks for our students, instructors and also graduates. Public artists and designers are also welcomed to use for their art projects. The spacious room with a wide-open window produces the blight art stage and impress on beauty of artworks.

Lecture Rooms, Practical Learning Rooms, Language Laboratory


There is a large lecture room accommodates 300 people and an auditorium equipped large projector and sound facilities which accommodates 500 people. There is also a language laboratory furnishing the language learning equipment. These facilities are shared by the students of undergraduate and graduate school.

Students Assistance Center – Student Counseling Office, Employment Guidance Office, Health Office

"Student Counseling Office" provides consultation whenever students get in trouble. "Employment Guidance Office" offers job information. "Health Office" provides physical checkups and first-aid treatment. We always support students to keep their safe and comfortable school life.

Gymnasium, Sport Facility


In a vast site of our campus, there are various sports facilities such as tennis coats, gymnasium and playing ground. These facilities are used not only by lectures and club activities but also various school events.