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Club & Circle

Basketball club


Members always enjoy playing basketball and play games seriously against other art

NZY Manga club


This is the biggest club in the university. Cartoon and illustration lovers get together and are actively engaged in variety of events. Club magazine is published.

Photograph club


Exhibition is held several times a year.

Picture-book club


Members create picture-book and hold exhibition.

Music circle


Band performs at several events. Studio on-campus can be used.

Illustration club


Illustration newsletter is published twice a year. Exhibition is held.

Badminton club


Members enjoy playing badminton and also going out to eat good meal.

Creators Club Cocco


Members study about advertisement and design. Also actively participate in the competitions of poster and commercial.

Ceramic art club


Members learn potter's wheel, mold making and firing in kiln. Club opens stalls at Seto pottery festival and Creator's market.

Ninja club


Members like Ninja, and also create the silver accessory.

Theater JAKO


Performance is held two or three times a year. Everything from producing to publication is all planned by members. The first performance outside campus is also held.

Adventure club


Members enjoy climbing Mt. Fuji, lake fishing, camping and live event.



Glass art craft club


Members create glass bowl, accessory and stained-glass lamp.

Volleyball club


This club participates in the citizen’s tournament and soft volleyball games.

Tennis club


Members are from beginner to expert. Training camp is held.

Earth club


Members grow vegetables on-campus field and also help plant and harvest rice at farmer’s field. Members go to the native forest in Kyoto once a year.