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Campus Calendar


Entrance Ceremony The 1st Semester Begins



This is a sport event held in May every year, which both students and faculty members participate in. Playing sports such as soccer, badminton, volleyball, and basketball deepen a friendship among the students and staff. Students get so excited and feel united beyond the department, course and grade.


Leader’s Camp

Leader of Students Society, Club activities and Circles participate in the overnight camp.


1st Semester Regular Examinations


Summer Holiday

It starts from the beginning of August for about one and half month.

Summer Seminars

Each course held excursion for drawing and photo shoot during summer holiday.


The 2nd Semester Begins

Study and Training for the Seminar Projects


Geisai Festival(School Festival)


This is the biggest event on campus held for three days in October every year. All students participate in this event. Various entertainments such as exhibition, music live show, refreshment booth and open lecture are held at ateliers and galleries. Students also enjoy performance of the top artists, which is a distinctive character as art oriented school. The festival reaches its climax when fireworks are set off in the night sky on the final day. Not only our students but also students from other universities, students’ families, our graduates, and people from local community enjoy it very much. Treasured memory of this festival will definitely last for a lifetime for students.



Winter Holiday


2nd Semester Regular Examinations


Spring Holiday

Graduation Exhibition


Students whose graduation is coming up soon devote all their energy to this exhibition. It’s their final works of what they have pursued for all the past years. Exquisite sense and improved technique complete the works which are exhibited at the gallery. At the moment when students carry their artworks into the venue by themselves and finish displaying, they finally express themselves in public. People related art and design come to this exhibition to discover new artistic talent. So, this is the opportunity for them to make a debut as an artist. This challenge crowning their school life brilliantly is also the first step to get into the society.

Spring Seminars


Graduation Ceremony & Party