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Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design Educational Organization

Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design consists of one department including 5 courses covering all fields of art and design without sticking to the former frame of art university.
There are generally the categories of art and design, and art field is separated into the specialized fields such as Japanese painting, Oil painting and Sculpture. However, all these fields are put together into one department at our university. This system helps students to defy the boundaries and create new art freely.
Teaching staff is the front-line professional artists and designers providing technical and practical instruction for students' future career.

Faculty of Art & Design

・Art Expression
・Visual Literature
・Represetation Design
・Community Area Design
・Community Sense Design

Graduate school(Master's course)

The Graduate School of Art & Design offers a Major in Art & Design focused on either of two areas: Art Expression & Creation and Art Expression & Conception.
Students specializing in Art Expression & Creation are required to create a work of art that embodies their expression. They endeavor to acquire additional techniques and skills and aim to establish their own themes while considering their relationship with society in general.
Students specializing in Art Expression & Conception study production processes with a special emphasis on the importance of individual concepts. They undertake research by combining investigation, collection, planning, and production, including the preparation of a thesis.

Art Expression & Creation

・Japanese Painting
・Oil Painting
・Media Art

Art Expression & Conception

・Visual Communication Design
・Media Design
・Architecture Design
・Life Design
・Landscape Design
・Art & Culture