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Feature of Nagoya Zokei University

Nagoya Zokei University provides our students with the environment in which to look inside to find themselves and explore it further more and look outside widely world to see the future. We also provide them with the stage in which to develop and enrich their ability for each individual creation.
We have the exhibition called "Transit" to exchange the art and culture with overseas partner universities. We also have other collaborative projects to introduce the formative art to the society. The community-based project such as “Yasashii Bijutsu” that is a medical and welfare cooperative project has been highly acclaimed. And other academic-industry partnership projects are worked on by studnets of various courses.

Ateliers and studios with good facilities and equipments can be used by students regardless of the course they belong to. It supports students’ experiences which become their work origin. Our campus has the base expressing their art and design to the local communities and the world.