Dec 3rd, Wed: Fine

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I had been excited since the morning, because Mr. Hiroshi Aramata would visit our university today. I was fan of his. He often appears TV show and is popular for his sense of humor and wide knowledge. Exactly he has encyclopedic knowledge. As well as wide knowledge, he has big body. I often realize many interesting books that I happened to find were written by him. That is how I became a big fan of his. I originally admire a person with multiple talents.

Nagoya city has a big project to celebrate 400-year anniversary of Nagoya castle’s completion. As a part of the project, they are making a new character for the commemoration of the anniversary. Mr. Hiroshi Aramata is a general manager of the project. He desired to make the new character into animation and asked our students to make the animation. Today he visited us to meet our students in person to make the request.

At 11 a.m., he arrived at the university with peoples from Dentsu and General Affairs Bureau of City of Nagoya. After I greeted him, I asked him to write his autograph on my books written by him.

I had a lot of questions to him and he also asked many questions about our university, Nagoya city and people living in Nagoya. Since we talked excitedly, I felt the time passed so quickly. “May I write about you on my blog?” I asked. With his consent, I took a photo with him. That’s great.

At noon, I took him to our school cafeteria for lunch. Some students found him, saying “Wow, Mr. Aramata is here!”  We kept talking during the lunch. His sense of curiosity was stronger than I thought. After lunch I gave him tour of our school.

At 12:45 p.m, he visited a class of 2nd-year students of the Information Design course. They will make the animation. Students applauded and cheered when Mr. Aramata come into the atelier.

He started his lecture in nice atmosphere. Since he used to be a professor, he was excellent at giving a lecture. Experience on TV talk show and wide knowledge also helped him in delivering lecture. Students concentrated on his interesting lecture.

Shortly after 2 p.m., he finished his lecture. “I’m looking forward to seeing the animation. I’ll see you soon“, he said. Student applauded again.

At 2:30 p.m., we said goodbye to each other. I couldn’t forget the students smile while they were taking his lecture. After finished my work at office, I left the university.

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